What covid-19 protections are in place and when can I get back into yoga class at the spa?

Thank you to all of you who have checked on our small family spa and our family personally during this pandemic. From our family to yours, we hope you are safe, healthy, peaceful and know you are loved and not alone. We are keeping free online Gentle Yoga Mondays at 6pm, call or text (804) 832-6725 for the link; June first we reopen for in-person yoga classes Tuesdays-Fridays 6pm, and Summer 2021 we begin our next 200Hour Yoga Teacher Training both online and in person.  In the words of our kumu (Indigenous Hawai'ian Medicine,) "Ua aloha ia mai kakou" May we remember we are life and we are love.

  1. Please do not book any appointment if, within two weeks of your appointment, you have any signs or symptoms of cold or flu, or have tested positive or been around someone who has tested positive for covid-19.
  2. Only the person receiving a treatment may enter the spa, with deep cleaning & disinfecting between clients, thus fewer appointments are available.
  3. Before entering the spa, you will be asked a series of covid-19 related questions, have your temperature taken, your hands disinfected with 70% rubbing alcohol, and you must remove your shoes and wear a mask during treatment (as must the therapist.)  Think of this like airport security only much cleaner and with fewer cavity searches.
  4. And as always, each treatment is given on fresh clean organic linens and all touchable surfaces (massage equipment, chairs, tables, door handles, light switches, etc) are cleaned and disinfected between each client.  This spa is run by a nurse and any nurse worth her salt will protect humans to the best of her ability.

How should I prepare for my treatment?

  • Please bring your method of payment at the time of service; scheduling online only reserves your time, it does not pay for your session.
  • Please remove all make-up, jewelry, and hair ties before your treatment.
  • If scheduling a Thai session, please wear loose fitting clothing such as sweat pants and a tee shirt.
  • If scheduling a treatment which includes an aromatherapy soak and scrub for your feet, please wear clothing which can be rolled up above your knees.
  • Please drink ample water before and after your treatment to prevent soreness from the bodywork.
  • Please know that at all times you are in charge of your treatment and health, and it is up to you to let your practitioner know if you need the pressure or temperature lessened or increased at any point. Your practitioner is dedicated to being of service and will appreciate and honor your feedback.

What's your cancellation policy?

We require a 24 hour notice for cancellations or you will be charged full price.  If within two weeks of your appointment you have any signs or symptoms of cold or flu, or have tested positive or been around someone else who has tested positive for covid-19, please cancel and do not reschedule until 2 weeks after your last sign/symptom.

What types of oils do you use for massages?

We used to use holy water, but it burned.  IT BURNED!!!!  Just kidding.  All oils are completely natural and organic plant oils, all essential oils are Therapeutic Grade Organic, and all aromatherapy is free with your massage choice and completely customized to your preferences.

Can I bring my child or pet or roller derby team to my treatment?

No, clients who come in after your appointment may be allergic to roller derby.

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