The First Completely Natural Medical Clinic in Powhatan County

Changing the world one human at a time, Indigenous Healing Arts Institute is the first ever fully licensed Ayurveda (Completely Natural) Medical Clinic and Registered Yoga School in the heart of Powhatan.  We offer: Ayurvedic and Indigenous phytotherapy (plant based medicine), nutrition, detoxification & rejuvenation treatments, all forms of massage & bodywork, spa services & facial treatments, yoga & meditation, healing arts education, Registered Yoga Teacher Training, and local artists' handcrafted goods & natural healthcare products.  Specializing in Ayurvedic Oncology, we offer every stage IV cancer client free weekly treatments with written MD permission.


Our Story

While working as a nurse, Molly Rachael had the honor and heartbreak of helping patients heal through and despite the side effects of allopathic medications and surgeries.  All their lives and stories have become part of her, like her beautiful family, pulling her to study more natural forms of healthcare with proven results free from negative side effects.  This lead to her life now of daily intense study with Ayurvedic Medicine Schools & ancient natural medical texts, Traditional Thai Medicine Schools, Theravada Monks, Hawai'ian Kumu, Yogis and master teachers of all forms of Indigenous and botanical medicines.  The greatest healing she has found is: as her Grandma says, "kindness," as Dr. Vasant Lad says, "everything in life is waiting for our awareness," and in the words of St. Francis of Asissi, "that which we are looking for is that which is looking."


Local Family Owned & Operated

A beautiful little family run spa, we offer compete custom treatments and in-depth Indigenous Healing Arts education with life-long mentorship.  Meet the family who care for our little spa and inspire so much love:

David: devoted husband, loving dad, and very patient spa subsidizer

Mira: yogi, artist, musician and prodigy creating a brave new world while still a teenager

Aevan: yogi and cuteness therapist, not for sale though with his smile we'd make a mint

and Molly:


Molly Rachael Bridges


What do all those letters stand for?

National Ayurvedic Medical Association: Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

Baccalaureate of Science

Traditional Thai Medicine Practitioner

Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Licensed Massage Therapist

Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

Licensed Practical Nurse

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