Organic linens, organic essential oils, steampacks, hot towels, hot stones, rosewater and extra time for intake and dressing come standard with every Custom Massage, so your one hour massage is truly one full hour of massage.  Choose any massage modality from the listing below- it's all custom work and your therapist is here to be of service!  Just type your choice into 'notes' when you schedule ie: "Thai Massage" or "Please bring in a sumo wrestler to fix my back."  See the Treatment Menu below for detailed descriptions.


1 Hour Custom Massage $75
1 & 1/2 Hour Custom Massage $95
2 Hour Custom Massage $125


All levels welcome, all body types, all humans!  Yoga is uniting your body, breath and mind in this moving meditation we call life... and then the practice of figuring out what is life and who are we really?  See?  So much more than just cute yoga pants and the ability to stand on your head!  Side effects include but are not limited to: clarity, grace, balance, wellness, increased health and longevity, kindness, peace, focus, empathy and sometimes enlightenment.


1 Hour Yoga Class $10
Fridays 6:30pm

1 Hour Individual Yoga $75
click "Book Now" and choose "Individual Yoga"



This is completely natural healthcare consisting of nutrition, phytotherapy (plant based medicine,) massage, yoga and simple daily lifestyle changes to help you learn to heal yourself, all based on your unique physiology.  Choose a 2 hour Ayurveda Consult if you'd like to experience this natural healthcare, or choose a 2 hour Custom Massage and type in the Ayurveda Therapy you'd like in 'notes' when you book ie: "Ayurveda Lymphatic Detoxification Therapy: Garshana & Cupping" or "Ayurveda Beauty Mudwrap Therapy."  See the Treatment Menu below for detailed descriptions.


2 Hour Ayurveda Consult $125

2 Hour Ayurveda Therapy $125


Treatment Menu (pictures coming soon)


Custom Massage

Completely customized to your preferences from relaxation to rehabilitation, Custom Massage is yours to create. Choose from any professional massage modality in existence today, or simply give your selection of pressure, temperature and time frame and let your practitioner work wonders.

Sacred Hawai'ian Lomi Lomi Massage

O ka Pono ke hana ‘ia’a iho mai na lani
(Keep doing good until the heavens come down to you)

Originally reserved for royalty, Sacred Hawai’ian LomiLomi is unlike any other relaxation massage. This is a treatment of slow, fluid, ocean-like strokes with warm organic coconut oil, hot stones, steam packs, and mele (ancient Hawai’ian prayer-songs), nourishing each and every cell with aloha nui mahalo (deep love and gratitude).



Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is one of the deepest forms of rehabilitative massage, performed without oils on a thick handmade kapok-filled floor mat while in loose-fitting clothing. This full-body barefoot or walking massage treatment incorporates deep rhythmic accupressure, gentle assisted yoga stretches, luk pra kob (herbal steam packs) and pranayama (deep breathing techniques), focusing on the sen (Traditional Thai Medicine energy meridians), ending with a thorough, soothing scalp massage of refreshing essential oils.

Table Thai Massage (Ashiatsu/Tui Na)

Halfway between relaxation and rehabilitation, Thai on the Table is a form of Traditional Thai Medicine adapted to be performed on the massage table with oils. In Japan this is called Ashiatsu, in China Tui Na. This is a treatment of deep rhythmic accupressure, barefoot or walking massage, gentle assisted yoga stretches, luk pra kob (herbal steam packs), hot stones, and warm organic oils massaged along the sen/nadi/meridians (Traditional Thai Medicine energy pathways).


East-West Massage

The best of both worlds, East-West combines an hour of deep rehabilitative Traditional Thai Massage on the handmade kapok-filled Thai mat with an hour of relaxing Custom Massage on the table. See also ‘Traditional Thai Massage’ and ‘Custom Massage’ as this is a perfect combination of the two.

Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal, Natal, or Postnatal Massage is completely customized to your preferences of temperature, pressure, and time frame. It begins with a warm aromatherapy soak and scrub for your feet, followed by your choice of warm or cool phytotherapy (natural plant-based medicine) massage creams or oils. Fluffy body pillows contour to your changing body as warm stones and steamy towels help melt away the work of conceiving and carrying a new life into the world.


Ayurveda Hot Stone Therapy: Shila Abhyanga

Shila Abhyanga (stone massage) is gentle relaxation massage with your choice of warm phytotherapy (natural plant-based medicine) creams or oils, unscented or with essential oil aromatherapy, incorporating steam packs, warm and cool basalt stones, and natural crystals. The warm stones flow with each stroke, flipping, spinning, and pressing the muscles and marmani (vital energy points), improving circulation and muscle tone, while the cool stones relieve inflammation, leading to a deep sense of peace and contentment.

Ayurveda Lymphatic Detoxification Therapy: Garshana & Cupping

Derived from Ayurveda, the oldest system of medicine of which we have written record, Lymphatic Detoxification is light-touch relaxation massage with profound effects on the lymph, nervous, and endocrine systems. Your treatment begins with garshana (whole-body dry brushing with raw silk or textured gloves) to remove dead skin cells, encourage micro circulation to the skin, and stimulate lymph flow. Following a nurturing soft-touch massage application of handmade natural phytotherapy (plant-based medicine) cream or oils, varying diameters of cups are placed on the skin and pressure removed within the cups as they slide along nerve and lymph pathways, alleviating pain, reducing scar tissue and adhesions in the fascia, removing stagnation in the tissues, and promoting circulation and detoxification.


Ayurveda Beauty Mudwrap Therapy: Udvartana & Swedana

This Ayurvedic Medicine treatment is a relaxing whole-body rejuvenation therapy. Udvartana is the application of medicated oils and herbal powders to form a light paste on the skin, created specifically for your individual prakruti (original constitution) and vikruti (present constitution) and handmade from phytotherapy (plant-based medicine) such as crushed rose petal powder, lavender blossoms, sandalwood powder, neem, turmeric, shea butter, bentonite clay, multani mati, shatavari, triphala, licorice, essential oils, and other Ayurvedic herbs. This is followed by swedana (a full body steam wrap), with a custom phytotherapy face treatment. The steampacks are then unwrapped, the Ayurvedic mud mask is gently removed with warm steamy towels, and this beautifying treatment finishes with a nourishing massage application of phytotherapy cream.

Ayurveda Balancing SteamWrap Therapy: Shirodhara & Swedana

This over two hour relaxation treatment begins with a warm aromatherapy foot soak and scrub while you sip tridoshic (balancing to all physiologies) tea and complete a questionnaire to determine your prakruti (original constitution) and vikruti (present constitution). Once complete, you choose your own natural, authentic Ayurvedic medicinal oil with which you receive a whole-body snehana (massage) and swedana (steam wrap), finishing with a deep scalp massage and shirodhara (warm oils poured in a steady stream over your forehead and scalp) with a rosewater soaked cotton cloth cooling your eyes. Known as bliss therapy, this treatment helps you realize the deep peace that you not only seek but inherently and infinitely are.


Ayurveda Consult

An Ayurveda Consult is the most extensive personal and health history you may ever experience. It is a thorough physical, mental, and spiritual examination, focusing on all areas of your life from what how and when you eat to your relationships, aspirations, and ideals. Your National Ayurvedic Medical Association Practitioner will also run a full set of vitals, palpate/auscultate/tapote vital organs, listen to all layers of your pulse, examine your eyes, tongue, skin, nails, posture, voice and cadence of speech, and analyze your urine, sweat, feces, menses, circadian rhythms and other functions, perhaps even request labwork, to determine patterns of balance and imbalance within your physiology.

Your Practitioner is dedicated to unearthing the root cause behind any signs/symptoms you may be experiencing. To affect change, you will be given a full treatment of, as well as taught, the appropriate Ayurvedic Medicine to implement in your daily life, including any combination of the following:

  • nutrition and phytotherapy (plant-based medicine)
  • pranayama (breathing therapies)
  • mudra (hand postures, mental focusing therapy)
  • mantra & japa (repetition of sanskrit, mental concentration therapy)
  • yoga asana (gentle sequences of movement, physical therapy)
  • niyama & yama (behavioral modification/mental strengthening)
  • meditation
  • garshana (dry brushing)
  • lepana (detoxification with herbal pastes)
  • snehana (oil massage, also translates from sanskrit as ‘love’)
  • swedana (steam therapy)
  • netra basti & tratak (eye cleansing)
  • nasya (nasal cleansing)
  • shirodhara (warm medicated oils poured over the forehead)
  • rakta moksha (donating blood to a blood bank as selfless service)
  • pancha karma (purification/detoxification therapies)
  • seva (selfless service, many options)


This is completely natural healthcare, and as such requires you to take responsibility for your own health and well-being in seeking balanced wholesome dinacharya (daily routine) as well as ishvara pranidhana (present moment awareness). In better words, you are the key to your own health, and you are the only true obstacle to the same.


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